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A Testimony in court can make or break a case. It’s up to those listening to decide whether or not the person testifying is in fact telling the truth. Consider this a court room and you are part of the jury
Testimony= To Tell What Happened
Case #7
Heres a case in which a women named Shelley Hundley tells a story of how her life as an atheist lead up to a single point. Watch as Shelley tells her story of hurt turned into peace and pain into healing. “Shelley Hundley, An Atheist Turns to God”
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More Case’s To Come.........
Case #6
This is a case where a family man named Kevin loses everything in a fire and blamed God for his loss. He runs from the pain for 22 years and then comes  in contact with the Mighty Healer Jesus Christ. Hear the true story, “Kevin Thompson’s 22 Year’s of Pain”
Christopher Hitchens vs. William Lane Craig Debate “Does God Exist?
This is a case in which an entire family was saved from the cold grip of a dead religion and thrust forth into a relationship with the  “Living” and “Not Dead” God, Jesus Christ. Hear as Tampa Bay Ray  Luke Scott takes the stand here in the court room. “No Longer a Jehovah Witness”
Also for further evidence to help you make a decision  please see this video
Case #8