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Brian Welch

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A Testimony in court can make or break a case. It’s up to those listening to decide whether or not the person testifying is in fact telling the truth. Consider this a court room and you are part of the jury
Testimony= To Tell What Happened
Heres a case in which a young man who was diagnosed with bone cancer cried out to God and asked a simple question: “ God, Can You Hear Me?”
Case #1
Case #3
Heres a case in which the lead guitarist from the band Korn has a encounter with God that not only set him free from addiction but gave him a new life and more than one reason to keep living: “Brian Welch, why he left fame and fortune”
Case #4
Heres a case in which a young girl who’s innocents was stolen at the young age of 9yrs later grew up to be a prostitute, drug addict, and also a porn-star. Watch how Shelley’s journey into the porn industry revealed the love of God reaching out to her and how she responded: “Shelley Lubben, the forgiven porn star”
For Brian Welch’s book Called “ Save Me From Myself”
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Case #2
This is a story of a young women’s trials that should have pushed her away from God, but what man meant for evil God meant for good. Please listen as confusion and heartache is turned into peace and a stronger relationship with Christ. This is “My Story“ by Aimee Cash If you are going through a similar situation and would like to contact Aimee please contact us and ask to be put in touch with her.
Case #5
Here is a fantastic story of endurance and encouragement. Although Daniel Haddad was terminally ill with bone cancer he found that his suffering was what ultimately brought him to a closer walk with Jesus. Listen to his story as he shares God’s peace in times like these despite what the doctors told him.
This is “Daniel Haddad’s Testimony during bone  sarcoma cancer”