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Tracts Are Free Because Salvation is Free
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This Tract is a Sticker approx.3.5” Wide x 2.5” Tall Uses: Great for kids and also adults; it can be passed out anywhere the Spirit calls you. Comments: This tract is literally irresistible because almost everyone will not deny a free sticker (especially kids). Also, when you hand it out, you are almost guaranteed to have the opportunity to start a conversation about the love of God and what He did on the cross for us.
Uses: This is a General tract with an innumerable amount of uses, from passing out in bulk, to leaving them  in a place where someone will find it. Also, they’re great to leave on cars. Comments: This tract is awesome and we have seen God use it mightily. Although it appears dull, it is actually engaging because it challenges unbelievers and believers alike.  It is simple to pass out, but just remember when people say “What is this?” Just tell them “It has a message on the front and on the Back.” Remember to really emphasize the “Back” part,  because it can really spark their interest. If they say “hey wait, there is nothing on the back.” There’s your opportunity to start a conversation or encourage them to read the front and find out.
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This Tract is a Business Size Card approx. 3.5” Wide x 2.5” Tall
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This Tract is a Bookmark approx. 1.5” Wide x 7.0” Tall
Uses: Great for any age group and it is valuable because every reader will need one at some point in time. Also, keep in mind that people may read it more than just once because of the fact that the message is short and it will hopefully be in their favorite book.
Comments: This tract is great for passing out at libraries,  schools, and any place where reading a book is common. Also, it makes a great gift for family and friends.  
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This Tract is a postcard approx. 3.0” Wide x 5.0” Tall
Uses: This tract is great because it explains the real meaning of the cross. It explains in a short message the fact that all have sinned and all of us need the savior Jesus Christ. It also tells of the love of God without holding back on the fact of Hell, and Jesus being the ONLY WAY.
Comments: This tract was made to pass out  at our Cross outreaches, where we hold  an 8ft cross and signs sharing the Gospel  message on our local main streets.
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This Tract is a postcard approx. 5.0 Wide x 3.0”  Tall
Uses: This tract offers a cool and unique way of presenting the Gospel. It grabs the readers attention and presents the Gospel in an enthusiastic way. You are guaranteed a distinctive response by those you pass it out to.
More tracts to come......
Comments: This tract is great for any occasion such as graduations, award ceremonies, casinos, geo-cache treasure finds, birthdays, weddings, farmers markets, scavenger hunts and  much much more. Be creative and pray that this tract will open the door to further conversation.
Your free speech rights are important because sometimes the police and other law enforcement officers do not know or care about your rights. Knowing your rights will help you to reach more people.
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This Tract is a Business Size Card approx. 3.5” Wide  x 2.5” Tall
Uses: We call this tract “The Lost ID.” The Idea behind this tract is to not only show unbelievers that they have some sort of “good will” given by God in the form of a conscience, but to show them that not even the best of “good will” can get them into Heaven. It’s only by Jesus Christ. 
Note: The person here is a very good friend of the ministry and he encouraged us to use his picture. Everything from the name to the height and weight are fake. We like to say that the front of this tract is the “bate” while the back is the “hook” of the Gospel.
Comments: This tract is great for those of you that are not yet ready to approach people face to face, and those who like to leave tracts at stores and restaurants. This tract has been tested in situations like these, and we have found that once people find it, they are extremely interested and it is read and studied immediately. We encourage you to give it a try and let us know how it is received.
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    Simply read and decide which Gospel Tracts you would like to use in your outreach.
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“Lost ID Tract”
“Congrats Tract”
“Cross Tract”
“Good Enough Book Mark”
“Kids Sticker”
“Yellow Card Tract”
“Brain Tract”
This Tract is a postcard approx. 4.0” Wide X 4.0” Tall
Uses: This unique Gospel Tract is great for any academic environment, hospital, doctors office, and any other place the Spirit leads. It carefully bridges the science of the brain and the Creator’s Finger print on it.
“The Christian Tract”
Uses: We here at Ambassadors 4 Truth have felt the need to design a Tract for the Christian who has never stepped out to share their faith in Christ. This encouraging, yet challenging Tract will equip the believer in Christ with the personal promises of God. Please pass these out to Christians that do not share their faith or who are scared to share their faith.
Comments: This is a great tract to pass out before or after a church service or Bible study.
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 Uses: America is in bondage to sin and it is up to us to tell them how they may become free. The “Freedom” Tract uses scriptures such as John 8:34 and John 8:36 to show that sin will put you in bondage and also how Jesus is the Only One that can set you free. Challenge your fellow countrymen to live in true freedom that which can only be found in the saving blood of Jesus Christ.
Comments: This tract is great for: 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Presidents Day, Flag Day, New Years Day, and any other National Holiday. It is well received among Americans and any other person in America for that matter.
“The Freedom Tract”
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001 Is Also Available in Spanish
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“The Homeless Tract”
Uses: This encouraging Gospel Tract is great for anyone who is homeless. It takes a more loving approach to sharing the Gospel. It does not however, shy away from proclaiming that Jesus is the only way, and that a decision to repent (turn away) from sin and to have a surrendered life is mandatory for salvation.
Comments: As a suggestion, when you are passing this tract out, you may want to use this tract as a complement along with a service or gift to the person. If you are passing out food or other resources for example, use this tract to complement it. Pass them out as if you were doing it unto Jesus. Matthew 25:34-40
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Uses: This tract is as simple as it gets and it packs a powerful message that has brought many people to Jesus through the centuries.That message is “Jesus Loves You.” Hand it to people  while at work, school, in the stores, at the park; you can even leave it in credit card slots; Be creative with it.   In other words, this is a great tract for any and all occasions.
Comments: This tract stands out! It is a great conversation starter. Try starting it by saying “Has anyone ever told you that Jesus Loves You?” It is best received when you hand it to them personally. Be Bold and let someone know that Jesus Loves them.
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Uses: Our country has adopted a "throw away” mindset and sadly our world has used this to apply to life as well. This Gospel Tract was written for those who battle self-worth. Pass this tract out to anyone with breath in their lungs because we all need to hear this message. Please use the contact box of this tract to help get people connected with a body of believers, such as a church near them.
Comments: This tract stands out! It is a great conversation starter. Try starting it by saying “Has anyone ever told you “Your Life Matters?” It is also a great tract to pass out at grocery stores, fast-food places, post offices, the DMV, college campuses, and to anyone that you can see. It is best received when you hand it to them personally. Be Bold and let someone know that Their life truly does matter to you and most importantly, to God.
Note: Please use this blank area for the contact information for the local church that you attend. Information such as: name of church, address, service times, and phone number. The main goal of this tract is to get people connected to a body of loving believers such as a church, that can help them grow in the knowledge of God. As a suggestion, you can hand-write the contact information or buy labels from your office supply store The contact box is approx. 12.3cm X 1.5cm
Comments: We have passed this Gospel tract out on college campuses, and it was received well, especially once they saw the useful diagrams of the brain on the back.
This Tract is a postcard/rip business card approx. 3.5” Wide X 8.5” Tall
This Tract is a postcard approx. 2.0” Wide X 4.0” Tall
This Tract is a business card approx. 3.5” Wide X 2.5” Tall
This Tract is a business card approx. 3.5” Wide X 2.5” Tall
This Tract is a postcard approx. 5.0” Wide X 3.0” Tall The Contact Box is approx. 12.3cm X 1.5cm
“Jesus Loves You Tract”
“Your Life Matters Tract”