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“Please Be a Good Steward of this Free Opportunity”
Terms and Conditions for Ordering Free Gospel Tracts
The amount of Free Gospel Tracts that one can order should not exceed a total of 120 for the entire order. You may mix and match, but please do not exceed 120 Tracts. If you are having a large outreach and need more than the limit of 120, please call us and let us know what type of outreach you are doing and we will determine if we can accommodate your order. Please know extra shipping will be required. Please do not use our ministry to send Gospel Tracts to unbelieving friends or family using their name and their mailing address. Please submit your own order for Free Gospel Tracts using your name and mailing address. If you want to pass out your Free Gospel Tracts by way of mailing them out to friends or family, please submit your own order and then send them out at your own expense. All orders of 120 and or below will be required to pay the $4 shipping and handling fee (USA orders Only). If you would like to send your shipping fee by check or money order and not online with a credit card,         then please order by phone (760)-991-7193  
Note:  If you have any questions or concerns regarding our ministry or Terms and Conditions, please contact us by clicking here
Please Read Before you Proceed
Shipping Rates -All USA orders are $4 per 120 free Tracts -All Canadian orders are $15 per 120 free Tracts - All other countries are $20 per 120 free Tracts