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Sometimes, all you need to share your faith is a simple message. Gospel Tracts from Ambassadors 4 Truth are the perfect solution. If you have one of our simple and effective tract cards on hand, you will always have a tangible way to share the life saving message with those around you. 

What is a Gospel Tract / Bible Tract?

Gospel Tracts and Bible Tracts are the Gospel message in written form. They are a brief presentation of the Gospel that can be read within a few minutes. The beautiful thing about using Gospel Tracts and Bible Tracts during evangelism is that they are great for any Christian to use at any confidence level.

Whether you are just getting started and prefer to strategically leave them in places other people can find them, or you are the seasoned pro who uses them as ice breakers to start a conversation. These vital resources are a must have for any size outreach. Depending on the situation, you might not have time to share a full message with those you meet every day. These cards can be handed out instead, and they will redirect the receiver to our website, where a longer message and additional resources can be found.

Ambassadors 4 Truth Gospel Tracts are unique and present the Gospel message in a clear, concise, and practical way. Each Gospel Tract Card and Bible Tract Card are made of high-quality, sturdy cardstock. They are designed to be appealing and easy-to-handout, so that the receiver will be enticed to find out more. All of our tracts have been street-tested and street-approved. You can start with just a few, or order in bulk. Here at Ambassadors 4 Truth, we hope these simple tools will help you better engage with people who want and need to hear the life saving Gospel message. Reach out to us for more information or to order Gospel Tracts and Bible Tracts

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