7 Easy Ways to Evangelize Using Gospel Tracts

Jesus Loves You Gospel Tract in a Credit Card Slot at a Gas Pump

The beautiful thing about using Gospel Tracts during Evangelism is that they are great for any Christian to use, at any confidence level. Whether you are just getting started and prefer to strategically leave them in places other people can find them, or you are the seasoned pro who uses them as ice breakers to start a conversation. What is a Gospel Tract? A Gospel Tract is the Gospel message in written form. It is a brief presentation of the Gospel that can be read within a few minutes. It can be written on anything from a business size card to a full brochure. It is important to find a Gospel Tract that people want to read. Something that will keep their attention.

Below are 7 Easy Ways to Evangelize using Gospel Tracts:
1. Homeless Outreaches
Oftentimes when doing an outreach to the homeless in your community, it is best to provide some additional resources for them such as information, food, clothing, or personal hygiene supplies. You can include a Gospel Tract when handing out of the supplies. For a more personal touch, you can hand them the supplies, then hand them a Gospel Tract and offer to pray with them or share the Gospel Message.
2. Over the Counter
Anytime you are at the store paying for goods or services, there is a person there to take your payment. Once the transaction is done and they give you your receipt, give them a Gospel Tract in return. You will be surprised that most of the time it will not be refused. What happens if you are using a self-checkout? No problem, simply leave the tract there for the next person to see.
3. Strategic Deployment
Sometimes it may be advantageous to strategically leave a Gospel Tract where someone will find it, such as:

  • Public Seating (such as benches, chairs, or public transportation),
  • Staircase (you can prop a Gospel Tract up or lay it flat on one of the steps),
  • Cars (slip the tract under the driver’s side windshield wiper or driver’s door),
  • Merchandise (you can place them in books at the library/bookstore or place them in purses or in backpacks). As a word of caution, do not get in trouble by damaging or mistreating someone else’s belongings.
  • In Shopping Carts (leave them in your shopping cart after you are done)
  • At a Restaurant (Leave one for your server along with a tip)
  • On Counters (find a spot where people are likely to go such as near a pen or where other information can be found)
  • In credit card slots (This includes: vending machines, gas pumps, and self-checkout)
  • Bulletin Boards (Many coffee shops, donut shops, public libraries and laundry mats have bulletin boards. Bring your own push pins just in case there aren’t any.)
  • Windows (Sometimes business owners will allow you to post a Gospel Tract in the window of their business. Doesn’t hurt to ask.)

The list for this one goes on and on. Be respectful and creative and pray for the Holy Spirits’ leading and please do not leave them in a place that people won’t want to touch, such as: in the restroom, on a dirty sidewalk, or on a trash can. The goal is for them to feel safe to pick it up, read it and keep it.

4. Mass Distribution
This can be easily done at local events or busy city street corners. Find a good spot that gives you the ability to pass them out without having to run around. This can be where the crowd bottle necks at the top of a staircase, by an enter/exit pathway, a doorway, or a narrow sidewalk. Another way to distribute a lot of Gospel Tracts is to put the on parked cars (as mentioned before). Oftentimes you can slip them in between the weather stripping and the window of the car. You can also put them under a windshield wiper. Lastly, think about going to your local college campus. If it is state run, most often, they will allow people from the community to come in and pass things out to the students. Try to get in touch with the schools Christian Clubs on campus as well.
5. Ice Breakers
In our modern culture it is sometimes frowned upon to have someone approach you and talk about eternal things. Ice breakers are great ways to start a conversation with someone. You can use a very attractive or relevant Gospel Tract and ask the person a few different questions about it. Try to use open-ended questions to get them to really express their thoughts. This gives you both the ability to talk about something other than each other and the weather. After the conversation is done, give them the Gospel Tract. God willing, they will read it over when they get home and recall your conversation with them. Remember to focus on quality conversations and not the number of conversations you have. You may just be there for the one person that day.
6. During a Church Invite
When inviting someone to your local church give them both a Church invite and a Gospel Tract. Anytime you are inviting someone to your Church be sure to be friendly and welcoming. Give them an idea of what they can expect on their first visit. If you feel comfortable, exchange numbers so they have a point of contact. Even if they don’t come to your church service at least they have the Gospel Tract that you gave them. Sometimes you can even find a Gospel Tract with a contact box where you can put your church information in. These types of Gospel Tracts are two for one, which is great.
7. At Church or Small Group
You never know where people are at in their walk with Christ. Some people may be attending your Church or small group and not even be a believer at all. If you pass a Gospel Tract out to someone who is a believer already just encourage them to share their faith with someone else and pass it on. Be sure to encourage them with all of the above ways to pass it out.
In summary, Gospel Tracts are very easy to hand out and use for evangelism. Remember, any Christian at any confidence level can use Gospel Tracts to share their faith with the lost around them. Whether you are at school, work, running errands, or enjoying a walk in the park remember to keep some Gospel Tracts on you because you never know how God will use you. We pray that these ideas will help you reach your world with the Truth of Jesus Christ.