Covid-19 Outreach Idea Using Gospel Tracts

Covid-19 Outreach

Gospel Tracts are a great way to share the Gospel. No matter your views on Covid-19 we must be mission focused. Remember that our mission here on earth as Christians is to still “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). Even though our world is going through lock downs and extra safety precautions, you can still reach your world with the Truth of Jesus Christ.

Below is an easy outreach idea that anyone can do during Covid-19:
Things You Will Need:
1). A Gospel Tract
Note: Try to find a simple yet effective Gospel Tract that will grab their attention.
2). Clear Plastic Bags
Note: This can be a small sandwich bag. Try to find one that zips because you want it to serve not only as a bag for everything, but it should be weatherproof as well.
3). Small Weight
Note: This can be a small rock or weighted metal. Try to find clean smooth rocks that will not damage the bag or Gospel Tract. If you can afford it, you can use a 25 cent piece.

Place the Gospel Tract in the clear plastic bag along with the small weight. You can make as many as you want. Once you have all the bags made, you can then drive around your neighborhood and toss the bags onto the driveway or porch. Think of it as a newspaper delivery, except, with this message, you are delivering the best news anyone can hear or read! The Gospel! As a tip, you can use a rubber band to keep the weight from moving around in the bag, or, you can glue the weight to the bag for a cleaner look.

This is a very easy way to share the Good News with your neighbors. The fact that the Gospel Tract is in a plastic bag will give them the confidence that you took extra safety precautions. They can even read the tract without taking it out of the plastic bag. Also, think about adding in the bag some brief info about your local church. If your local church is doing only live stream services simply provide the link. You can hand write the link on a separate piece of paper or on the Gospel Tract itself, or you can use Microsoft Word to make some small flyers with the link on it. At what time of day should you go deliver them? You can go anytime you think best, night or early morning is fine too.

Word of Caution:
As a word of caution, try to avoid the temptation of adding to the bag things like candy, food, or excessive additional information. In terms of the candy/food, just put yourself in the person’s shoes, would you really eat a candy that you found on your driveway? The goal here is to keep it as simple as possible and allow the person to just read the good news and get connected. Try not to over think this outreach idea but do pray for the Holy Spirits leading. Perhaps you know a family in need, and you can go buy some groceries for them and deliver it to their door. These are all just suggestions. Only you know what is best for your particular community.

Now Go:
Christ told His disciples to “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel” Mark 16:15. Let us as Christ followers not be paralyzed by the things that are going on around us, but instead we should be about our Fathers business. In these last days we need to be reaching the lost with the Truth of Jesus Christ. If you need attractive and low-cost Gospel Tracts, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at and we will be happy to get some in the mail for you.